Announcing (belatedly) Coaster CMS version 5.5…

So, somewhat belatedly we have launched Coaster CMS version 5.5, which is now based on Laravel v5.5 (LTS) and mostly includes a major “under the hood” update that will make Coaster more stable and also more tolerant to future changes (basically this means, tests!).

Coaster CMS version 5.5 released

Coaster CMS version 5.5, Tests (TDD)

We have built out a test suite for Coaster that will enable us to test existing code and add tests for new features going forward! Adding tests to an existing project is tricky and it took a while to get to a solution that we were happy with. This is now in place and in the tests directory you will find example of tests for blocks and a bunch of other features including testing around auth for the admin and examples on fine grain testing user permissions.

Now the test framework is in place, we can add more to it and give Coaster developers and users more confidence in it as a platform.

I will write another blog post at a later date going into a bit more detail on this as I think this could be useful for those who are interested in how to test a Coaster build/add-on feature.

What next?

Well, we’re fully aware there are a few issues on github, we need to work through but there are plans to make working through these more possible and we can then hopefully start to roll out more features. We also want to add more and more tests to both the existing functionality of Coaster and to anything new we add.

For those of you who have been waiting a while for this, thanks for your patience, we think it puts Coaster in a great place going forwards.

We will try and get future updates to you more regularly!