"Coast" through Development

Coaster CMS is a developer and designer's best friend, the days of wandering aimlessly through thousands of lines of code are finally gone (unless you want to). Coaster's block based templating model, built upon Laravel 5's blade system, makes it easy to keep track of your pages. Highly customisable content blocks, such as repeaters allow for the use of multipurpose content.

The powerful features of Coaster CMS make it a breeze to cut-up and develop static HTML5 templates into compelling, fully featured pages in no time. Blocks can be assigned to be either theme wide or work across individual templates. This is what allows for Coaster's great flexibility when building a new site. Blocks and templates are therefore especially customisable. Menus with any number of levels of sub-menus can be added anywhere where they may be required with a single line of code, the contents of which can then be managed from within Coaster's handy admin panel.

Building bespoke forms has always been a pain, however with Coaster any form you desire can easily be templated and integrated within a new site. Checkboxes, radio buttons, select drop-downs and of course text inputs can all be used. Any form submissions can optionally be sent onto an email address of your choice or viewed from within the admin panel.

Coaster was also built with SEO in mind and by default will auto generate an XML sitemap of all your site's pages for you, no plugins or manual action required.

If you are looking for our developer documentation, you can find it here.

Modern Framework

Based on Laravel 5

Constant development

Additional features always being planned/researched

Open source

"git" involved

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