Start Coasting

Download the community edition of Coaster CMS, and get a head start on developing your new site. Details on Coaster's licensing and usage policies can be found on the license page.

By Downloading

Once you have downloaded Coaster CMS take a look at our developer docs to smoothly make your way through the installation process. After you have installed Coaster we suggest you take a look at our user documentation to better your understanding of the admin system.

With Composer

Download composer.


composer create-project web-feet/coastercms [your_project_name]

Then follow any other installation instructions.

If you aren't yet ready to get started with Coaster CMS, head on over to our demo page to get a better idea of whether Coaster is right for you. For support enquires please refer to our support page.


Coaster is completely free of charge and is open source software, available for personal or commercial use and can be used on as many domains as you desire. If you find that Coaster has been of use to you, we would always appreciate a donation no matter how large or small.

Coaster CMS is open source, and therefore any developers out there who have enjoyed developing their projects in Coaster are always welcome to push their own code contributions via GitHub.

Download the latest master release of Coaster CMS by clicking on the button below.


Web Agency

If you are a Web Agency, and are interested in using Coaster CMS but would like additional support and/or features, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you shortly to discuss your requirements.

Interested in...

Modern Framework

Based on Laravel 5

Constant development

Additional features always being planned/researched

Open source

"git" involved

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