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Coaster was designed to be flexible, users can easily manage apparently complex website features with ease.

Extremely flexible


Easily manage Beacons to broadcast URLs promoting information and offers specific to a targeted location.

Easy to use


Users can specify the time they want web pages to be displayed. It’s as simple as adding a meeting to a calendar with Coaster CMS.

CMS Comparison

Features Wordpress Joomla Coaster
Unique "repeater" block feature for hugely flexible websites no no yes
Developer friendly until plugin overload no yes
Good for blogging yes no yes (theme dependent)
Secure if kept up to date if kept up to date if kept up to date
Beacon compatible no no yes
Time specific versions No No Yes
Built in SEO tools (automatic sitemap + 301 redirects) with plugin partial yes
Composer compatible no no yes
OOP Framework partial yes yes
Multiple menus via additional work yes yes
User friendly interface yes no yes
Single file manager yes yes yes
Versioning and publishing system yes yes yes
Contact Form requires plugin requires plugin yes
Content block types enable design consistency no yes yes
Manage pages secondary feature yes yes

What people say:

Modern Framework

Based on Laravel 5

Constant development

Additional features always being planned/researched

Open source

"git" involved

For Agencies

Both you and your customer's will love Coaster for its ease of use and speed of deployment.

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For developers

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Coaster is a developer's and designer's best friend. The days of wandering aimlessly through thousands of lines of code are finally gone (unless you want to). Coaster's block based templating model, built upon Laravel 5's blade system, makes it easy to keep track of your pages.

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