Advanced Form Functionality

Coaster has many great features that we are all equally proud of. However, one of the best features is the fact that Coaster comes with a contact form by default and it’s ability to easily create new forms and fields from within the admin system. The complexity of your forms can know no bounds as Coaster supports all valid HTML5 inputs from checkboxes, select fields and basic text inputs. Once you have created your form Coaster will take care of all of the submissions and will alert you by email whenever a new user fills in a form.

Forms you have created can then be inserted anywhere across you site, whether it be site-wide or on individual pages. If your site suffers from spam, Coaster supports Captcha fields for all forms providing your theme’s design layout allows it. If you add your form to a template you can use wherever it is needed.

If you are a developer, and wish to create your forms the old fashioned way, you can take a look at our developer documentation. Coaster’s form building is based off of Laravel 5’s templating system.