Advanced Form Functionality

Coaster has many great features that we are all equally proud of. However, one of the best features is the fact that Coaster comes with a contact form by default and it’s ability to easily create new forms and fields from within the admin system. The complexity of your forms can know no bounds as Coaster supports all valid HTML5 inputs from checkboxes, select fields and basic text inputs. Once you have created your form Coaster will take care of all of the submissions and will alert you by email whenever a new user fills in a form.

Coaster CMS Launched

We are proud to announce the launch of Coaster CMS. Coaster has been under active development for three years at, and will continue to be actively developed far into the future. We are always looking for new ideas and concepts that can be added to make Coaster even better.

Using Canonical URLs with Coaster

We recently required the use of canonicals on a client’s site. This meant that we had to come up with an easy solution for us to be able to assign individual canonical URLs on a page by page basis. As our client’s site was using Coaster CMS the solution was rather simple, and as there are likely to be other users of Coaster CMS out there, who may require the same functionality, we thought we’d write a blog about it.