Installing Coaster CMS on Windows

Happy New Year! Recently, we’ve noticed quite a few issues crop up on Github citing installation problems when trying to configure Coaster CMS on Windows. This mostly affects cURL when running various Composer commands. Here are a few steps you can take which will help prevent any potential issues:

  • Temporarily disable the Windows Firewall whilst running Composer commands.
  • Install a .pem certificate (more on this below).
  • Use a virtualised solution such as Docker or Laravel Homestead.

For some reason or another the Windows Firewall can sometimes interfere with outgoing connections made by cURL. Momentarily disabling the firewall can often help when running Composer commands – just remember to re-enable it once you’re done.

The 6 Basic Principles of a Coordinated Office

Where you work and how it is set up plays a massive part in how your business works – trust us.

A messy, cluttered office slows you down and makes you less productive while a coordinated, streamlined office can help you to become a better and more efficient employee.

Feel like you don’t have any time to organise your office? We both know that’s not true.