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You can now make group pages through the page info tab in the admin by setting the Top Level Group Page option to "Yes".

This will make your page into a top level group page.

Once saved, you can then manage a few more on options on the group from the group list view (click the list icon next to the now purple page in the "Pages" list) by clicking the "Edit Group Settings Link":

The Item Name can be changed to be anything you like (so for blogs we change this to "Post").

The Default template is the default template for that group - (Blog Post Template).

The URL priority is there to manage situations where a page might be in many groups (in the instance of a blog it could be in the blog group or a category group for example).

Group Attributes

In the "Group Attributes" tab, you can then manage which blocks you would like to sort your pages in this group by.

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