Logging In

The Basics

Before you can get started adding new pages, editing content and uploading fancy images on your new site we better start with the basics. To login into your site you must append /admin to the end of your site's URL. For example, if your domain name is example.com you would enter example.com/admin into your browser's address bar (we'd recommend creating a bookmark just incase you ever forget).


After you log in to your dashboard for the first time you will be greeted with a log of all of your site's recent changes. The admin logs record every single change to your site's content along with the user who made the change and at what time the change was made.

At the top of the dashboard you should find a menu bar containing links such as "help" and "my account". These links are often assocaited with administrative changes and won't have a direct impact on how your site looks. Tasks such as changing your account's password and adding new users can be done from here. Below this bar you should find a secondary taskbar containing tabs such as "pages" and "menus", this menu bar is where you'll spend most of your time editing your site's content.

Modern Framework

Based on Laravel 5

Constant development

Additional features always being planned/researched

Open source

"git" involved

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