Managing Beacons

How to use and Coaster CMS to manage beacons


You will need a account with some beacons attached and access to the Kontakt control panel ( to find your API key (click to reveal in the bottom left of the page).


  • Enter the Kontakt developer API key (found on the Kontakt Dev Panel) in the System Settings
  • Go to beacons and 'Import all beacons'
  • Add a page or go to any page
  • On 'Page Info' tab you can assign multiple beacons to one url.
  • This data gets sent (securely) to Kontakt's servers and then using the phone app, the beacons can be updated
  • at some point we will provide a Coaster beacon management app to keep the experience seamless)

Modern Framework

Based on Laravel 5.3

Constant development

Additional features always being planned/researched


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