Managing Beacons

How to use and Coaster CMS to manage beacons



You will need a account with some beacons attached and access to the Kontakt control panel ( to find your API key (click to reveal on the dashboard).


You will need an estimote account with some beacons attached and access to the Estimote control panel ( to find/create your APP ID and API token in the "Apps" tab.


  • Enter the Kontakt developer API key (found on the Kontakt Dev Panel) in the System Settings
    Alternatively, if you are using Estimote beaconse, enter your App ID and API token into the corresponding fields.
  • Go to beacons and 'Import all beacons'
  • Add a page or go to any page
  • On 'Page Info' tab you can assign multiple beacons to one url.
  • This data gets sent (securely) to Kontakt's servers and then using the phone app, the beacons can be updated
  • at some point we will provide a Coaster beacon management app to keep the experience seamless)

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