Securing Files

Restrict Certain Files to Logged In Users

Coaster CMS has recently added the ability to store site assets such as PDFs, Word documents and images securely. This recent addition is available through Coaster Framework Version 5.2.5. Any files uploaded to a secure directory are rendered inaccessible to users who are not logged in. This feature is quite useful for webmasters who wish to restrict certain content to members only, an example of this could be a document repository.

We have recently published a blog post detailing the steps required to setting up a front-end user authentication and registration page.

Setting up a secure directory

To set-up a secure directory, you must first login to your website's dashboard. Once you have done this click on the system settings tab in the top-right of the screen, adjacent to the logout button. Scroll to the bottom of this page and you should find a setting labelled "Secure Upload Folders". Enter the name of the directory you wish to secure within the text input to the right. If you wish to have multiple secure directories, simply separate each item with a comma.

Secure file uploads with Coaster CMS

Finally, click update and head over to your file manager. Any files uploaded to these directories will only be accessible to logged in users.

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