{!! PageBuilder::block($block_name, $options) !!}

ie. {!! PageBuilder::block('image', ['width' => '100']) !!}

Method Options ($options)

'width' => '100' (image height - pixels)

'height' => '50' (image width - pixels)

'title' => 'logo' (title/alt)

'group' => 'gallery1' (passes fancybox group)

'view' => 'fancy' (default: default)

'croppaOptions' => ' (default: array() , details on array($options) can be found here)

anything else will be passed to extra_attrs in view

Template Locations


ie. by default /blocks/images/default.blade.php

Available Variables

$image->file (string - cropped image file)

$image->original (string - full sized image file)

$image->title (string - image title)

$image->group (string - image group)

$image->extra_attrs (string - custom html attrs, should be placed within in the img tag)

Modern Framework

Based on Laravel 5

Constant development

Additional features always being planned/researched

Open source

"git" involved

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