Views / Templates

In this sections we will look at the structure of view and templates within Coaster CMS.

The general folder structure is like this:


There are 2 locations to be aware of for themes currently - public/themes and resources/views/themes. In the resources/views/themes folder is where the themes folder structure is located. The default theme has all the top level folders necessary to use Coaster CMS:

  • blocks
    • forms
    • gallery
    • images
    • repeaters
    • selectpages
    • videos
  • breadcrumbs
  • categories
  • emails
  • errors
  • externals
  • feeds
  • menus
  • sections
  • templates

In the public/themes/default folder are the asset folders:

  • css
  • fonts (not always necessary)
  • img
  • js

In general this is the folder structure needed to create a new theme. Feel free to add an assets folder to the resources folder and use gulp / laravel-elixir / grunt to combine/minify js/css into the public themes folder if you wish to do so.

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