Strings, Dates & Links

String and Text Blocks

{{ PageBuilder::block($block_name, $options) }}

ie. {{ PageBuilder::block('title') }}

returns text

Method options ($options):

'meta' => true (default: false - allows %site_name%, %page_name% replaces)

'source' => 1 (default: null - replace newlines with <br /> is set to anything)

Rich Text Block

{!! PageBuilder::block($block_name, $options) !!}

ie. {!! PageBuilder::block('title') !!}

returns text

Method options ($options):

'length' => 200 (default: false - trims the text to 200 characters if over, will trim to the end of a word and add ...)

Date/Time Block

{{ PageBuilder::block($block_name, $options) }}

ie. {{ PageBuilder::block('date', ['format' => 'F j, Y']) }}

returns formatted date/time

Method options ($options):

'format' => 'F j, h:i:s' (default: is mysql date format, format option uses default php date constants)

Link Block

{{ PageBuilder::block($block_name, $options) }}

ie. {{ PageBuilder::block('link') }}

returns link url (if it is set to open in a new window '" target="_blank' will be appended)

Modern Framework

Based on Laravel 5

Constant development

Additional features always being planned/researched

Open source

"git" involved

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