Hooks / Events

Events in Coaster CMS

In version 5.3 we've added Events so you can add your own extensions more easily when building complex systems.

Global Events

  • LoadAuth (can override auth guard / user provider)
  • LoadConfig (can change coaster config file location and ignore db values)
  • LoadedConfig (can override coaster config values)
  • LoadMiddleWare (can change default middleware for coaster)
  • LoadRouteFile (can have a custom route file for coaster)
  • SetViewPaths (can add locations to override coaster views)

Frontend Events

  • InitilizePageBuilder (can set custom page loader and page builder classes)
  • LoadedPageResponse (can altered response once page or error template has been rendered)
  • LoadErrorTemplate (can change error template)
  • LoadPageTemplate (can change page template)

Backend (admin) Events

  • AuthRoute (can alter admin auth checks on specific routes)
  • LoadResponse (can alter final admin response before it is sent)

Modern Framework

Based on Laravel 5

Constant development

Additional features always being planned/researched

Open source

"git" involved

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