Group Pages

This documentation is now out of date - it applies to Coaster CMS v 5.2 and before. Group pages can now be created through the admin.

There is a group system in development where you can group pages by block content, it includes a seperate group page view overview.

It's currently in development but usable via few database edits.

  • Firstly set up a top level page to contain the post pages in the back-end
  • Add a post type block (either by adding to the theme template files and running the theme updater or manually adding it to the database)
  • Then go into the database and create a group. ie. 1, Posts, Post, [page_id of the post container page], [a default template id for the group pages], ... rest can be defaults
  • Then add a group attribute with the "post_type" block as the item_block_id, filter_by can be 0
  • Lastly in the page table, find the post container page row and change the "group_container" column to the id of the new group (should be 1 if first group)

There should then be a group icon appear on the top level page in the back-end from which you should be able to add posts. Once you start adding to pages to the group, they will all appear in the group page list with the post type visible in the list. More blocks can be added to the list by adding another group attribute if needed.

There is also a filter function, so multiple top level pages can be set up but filtered by different values based on the group_attribute tables filter_by_block_id field and the group container pages block value.

Modern Framework

Based on Laravel 5

Constant development

Additional features always being planned/researched

Open source

"git" involved

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