Using Public Assets

Assets from a themes public folder can be called in via these simple methods.

Image Files

{{ Pagebuilder::img('image_file', $options) }}

{{ Pagebuilder::img('pic.png') }}  

Returns [url]/public/themes/[theme]/img/[pic.png], this method can use the same options as the image block here.

JavaScript Files

{{ Pagebuilder::js('script_file_path') }}  or 

{{ Pagebuilder::js('script') }}  

Returns [url]/public/themes/[theme]/js/[script].js.

CSS Files

{{ Pagebuilder::css('stylesheet_file_path') }} or

{{ Pagebuilder::css('style') }}  

Returns [url]/public/themes/[theme]/css/[style].css.

Modern Framework

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Additional features always being planned/researched

Open source

"git" involved

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